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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Went to see Transformers..

Me, the kids and even Elster went to watch the new Transformers movie I have been waffling on about yesterday. First off, to fully appreciate this movie I reckon it needs to be seen on a big screen. It starts off at a fair old lick, the first robot is kicking tail within the first ten minutes. From here on in it kicks ass at regular intervals, and the main female character is well fit. It is all going just right until they decide to try and crowbar in some kind of storyline, about good and evil and courage. If I wanted plot I would have stayed in and rented an Alfred Hitchcock DVD. All I wanted from this movie was metal robot aliens that can change into cars and shit, to beat the be Jesus out of each other, and to be fair it does deliver for the most part. But the dialogue between Optumus Prime and Megatron is straight out of some piss poor He Man like kids cartoon. That is apart from one called Jazz, who they have given a jive talkin' down in the hood voice and attitude that made me cheer when the bad guy ripped him in half. All told this does kick ass, even the Elster liked it, but when they make the sequel I would suggest mute robots and less story. My seven year old son thought it was the greatest movie ever made.

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