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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beer Tax!!! No!!

Just when you start to think the Tories might be worth voting for they go and announce something really stupid. To curb binge drinking Ian Duncan Smith has proposed a 7p per pint tax on beer. How the fuck do these people come up with such shite. Binge drinking is as English as losing on penalty shoot outs, getting stuffed by Aussies and wet summers. Who decided this was a recent invention? The country that gave us the eleven o'clock last orders ( 10:30pm weeknights, 10:00pm Sundays), which conditioned generations of drinkers to cram as much bevy down their necks as possible, now says it's all getting out of hand and needs to stop. Well let me tell these buffoons, you get less binge drinking in a local pub than you do in your Tesco strangled, pound shop infested, wetherspoon on every corner, two for one, happy hour chav populated city centres. It's their beloved supermarkets who churn out vast amounts of cheap spirits, that the knuckle dragging track suit brigade top up on before they even leave the house. You want to curb binge drinking, start cutting benefits. Ever wondered who is in the pub through the day while your at work? It's the workshy, bang three kids out before they turn twelve, housing benefit claiming, my stereo is in cash converters posse, that's the fuck who! So leave us hard working, still married/living with the mothers of our kids, tax paying non track suit wearing geezers alone. So what we like to drink more units than is recommend once or twice a week, get over it, when I need a new liver at least I will have more than contributed enough to the NHS.


Anonymous said...

well said you little piratelet.

Yours Pirately
Black Beard

king dave said...

The "wot da fuck ya looking at deckhead" brigade should be hung in the pay £20 for a pint to see that.