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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Euro-less Elite Triumph

An ankle injury kept me out this weeks showdown, so my match report is brief. In fact I only know the result because Dead Eye texted it through to the Mercenary, a two goal victory to the righteous! I am looking forward to Friday, and hearing an unbiased blow by blow account from Shotgun and JonnyMedia of how the MoFo cocksuckers were made to gag on their own man juice. Not one of the JMF dared show his face afterwards in the pub, so I consequently have a surfeit of gloating welling up for my triumphant return.

"Queer, queer, their all so queer, the JMF are singing, stick another dick in..."

2007 Season

JMF wins -14

Euro Elite - 10

Draws - 2

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