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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lobon Fires Last Shots

Opponents were today mourning the news that brother Lobon has retired forthwith from football on medical advise. The last Mick was officially thrown during last years title decider, Shotgun and Euro the unfortunate recipients. When in the midst of one of his epic wobbler's, he could destabilise any team, and in effect become an extra man for the opposing team. There was of course the infamous Dutch incident, when Keighley Tim walked from the court before he levelled the tantrum throwing Mick. Lobon himself walked on a couple of occasions, but his preferred method was to feign retirement from the game, when he would shoulder his sports bag head for the door swearing and gesticulating, then at the last moment return to the field of play. I have to balance this out with the fact that when he got his eye in, he could shoot and score with the best. Alas these nights happened as regularly as a leap year, where as the "Throwing of a Mick" seemed to happen on a fortnightly basis. All the same Wednesday nights down the Wood will be less colourful without him. Lobon we salute you, and are pleased to see you have found a suitable shirt sponsor.

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