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Monday, July 02, 2007


I was getting a bit worried about the bantams lack of signings this post season, and now I am downright concerned. Have just checked the BBC website to see if we have signed anybody, and lo and behold we have picked up a couple of strikers. The term striker has been used loosely in the case of Peter Thorne, a 34 year old, who has accumulated TWO goals in his last 42 appearance's for Norwich. Division Two goalies throughout the land must be quaking in their boots. Barry Conlon looks to be a better signing, but appears to be no more than a lower league journeyman. Don't get me wrong here, I wasn't expecting Thierry Henry to pitch up at Valley Parade, but I was hoping for someone I had actually heard of..


Crespo said...

Can't wait to get super Barry Conlon's name on the back of my City shirt.
Hope they spell it correct!

lobbon said...

Don't worry they have signed 8 school leavers on as apprentices

Crespo said...

Super Kelly Youga turned us down