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Monday, July 16, 2007

Season Ticket

I am going down to Valley Parade this Friday with the Boy Dazzler to get our season tickets. Anybody else who is up for one I will gladly pick up at the same time, as long as they stump up the money. The only thing left to sort out is where we are going to sit. The obvious spot is the top tier of the Kop, which is the only area to offer any kind of atmosphere, but is murder to get a pie and pint at half time. The lower tier is a definite non starter, as its full of kids. The Sunwin stand lower tier has the family stand in it, which leaves the upper tier, if opened, the only alternative. It lacks in atmosphere, but provides by far the best view, is bereft of kids and is the easiest place to get served. As you can tell the last option is my preferred choice, but I will go wherever everybody else chooses. Thoughts please. Our first opponents are Macclesfield Town, who will be fielding a certain Richard Edgehill, headless chicken and former bantam, whom I look forward to heckling mercilessly.


Anonymous said...

Bri - Hows Things?

Myself, Bakes, Derms and Jimmy D have all got a season ticket for fortress VP. We are in B Block of Sunwin Stand.

I think we should plan a few away days with original bender squad members like yourself and Dazzling Darren!?


european bri said...

Ay oop Aki! Sounds good to me. Will put it past Kev, Daz and Shouty Paul, but B block in the Sunwin sounds good to me. Fancied Lincoln away, but they have moved it to a Friday night. Will definatly be up for a few away days, including play off final victory at Wembley.

Aki said...

Sound. do you know when we have Costa-Del-MoreeCambee away!? We always get shit dates for games on the english riviera!
Also what bout Notts County? never had a bad night out round nottingham.

european bri said...

Will check out my work rota, definatley up for Notts County if I am off work that day. We are bang up for Brentford away next April, will do an overnighter in London. Off round Skipton on a canal barge on Saturday if any of your lot fancy it. Morecambe is a Friday night. Could possibly do an overnighter with all the chinese cockle pickers.

Aki said...

Yeah i'm sure we'll be up for as many of them as possible!

I've been reading your blogs bout ya pirates day out, unfortunately I wont be able to make it - i'm on a big metal bird outta here sunday for a few days in (hopefully) sunny and warmer climate! I shall mention it to derms n bakes tho and tell them to ring ya, you still on same number? ending in 386?

I can think of nothing more enjoyable than a night in Costa-Del-M.... with the company of dazling and your good self, and numerous cockle pickers!