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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It might be because I am suffering a touch of the man flu, or the fact that there is no decent football tournament on this summer, or even the shittiest summer weather I can remember, but I am bored witless at the moment. Nothing seems to be happening, work seems even duller than usual, and even Friday down the George has been a bit stale lately. I tell you this Skipton bender can't come soon enough. Footie season is also just round the corner, but that means winter isn't to far off. Anyway, pay no attention to me, just fancied a good old whine. Off to the coast this weekend with the the trouble and strife, plus bambinos, and then have a full week off leading up to the first annual pirate shindig, so hopefully will be in better spirits. Making a return to footie tomorrow as well, so a victory against the evil knob jockeys of the JMF could help cheer me as well.

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