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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Post Pirate Day Round Up

Sorry there has been no postings since Thursday, it was Shotguns birthday Friday, so it was beers a plenty, and couldn't be arsed yesterday. I promised to round up the pirate shenanigans when I had seen most of the participants, but before I wrap it up, I would like to say what a top set of geezers Dangerous Pete's and King Dave's pirate posse were. I look forward to swiggin' rum with them again. First casualty of the day was Mad Ad, who after a display of binge drinking that would shame a 14 year old, was toast by around 7 P.M., and was last reported to be in the brig of the evil M.R.S. member Madam White The only other casualty in Skipton proved to be Ropey Mark, who in shall we say a "confused" state, challenged Dangerous to a duel. After some light hearted fencing, Pete busted him the chops and split open his mouth. The last Ropey sighting after this was around 5 A.M. by Pete's dad. The only other close call was Skanks, who JohnnyM mistook for a pinata, and was nearly busted open for the sweets he thought were inside. The pub trail we took from the barge was the Narrow Boat, Rose and Crown, Cock and Bottle, Woolly Sheep, Breeze, back to the Cock and Bottle (so we think, nobody can remember to much about it) and finally the hotel across from the train station whose name no one can remember. After this it was time for the last train, Pete and Dave's pirate posse headed for Bingley, Dangerous even managed to secure entry to the Suburban bar dressed as a buccaneer, something that usually denied to him when dressed as a civilian. The rest of us tootled off for grub and home. The Shoutster, as always being the only one to brave a night club, the young scally wag. We are already making plans for next years voyage of piracy, and I will post the options we have, possibly even later today. Yarrrrggghhhhh!

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