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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shout it Loud, We are Euro and Proud

The dark side continues to slump, as a Shotuy inspired Elite comfortably saw off a fast fading JMF. Early exchanges were tight for a change, the righteous not giving away their customary five goal start to the bumba clot MoFo. Things really began to change at the quarter hour mark, when the deadly Shotgun and back to full fitness Young Gaz, opened up a four goal lead that was never to be relinquished. As the JMF, who had the wall advantage, began to implode, the Elite serenely stepped up a gear to cruise to eventual victory by five clear goals. Every member of the Euro boys played their part, but special mention must go to the Shoutster, who confronted the Kung Fu Kick twins, Lukelear and King Dave, on his own, and prevailed. The lad ran himself into the ground, and also chipped in with some well executed goals. He even fooled Dead Eye with a devastating display of the infamous "Shouty Shuffle".

So all of a sudden it has gone decidedly quiet in the queer corner, as the mighty Elite slowly regain lost ground in a Herculean effort to right the travesty of 2006. It seems cock is not the only thing the JMF choke on.

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -14

  • Euro Elite - 11

  • Draws - 2


king dave said...

bri bri bri,we've had to let u catch up otherwise your bunch of moaning minnies would give in and il think youll find it was 4! as that out of the area pen is void (not on the spot)if you wanna play the gay be dusting off my blackbelt for next week so beware!

european bri said...

Apologies, it appears my counting is as poor as your spelling. Regarding your so called "black belt" bring it on, the Shoutster will take you down knob muncher.