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Thursday, July 12, 2007

All Aboard the Pirate Express

As ye all be knowin' a week Saturday be the first annual pirate shindig. We be sailing the treacherous waters of the Leeds-Liverpool canal, setting sail from the land locked port of Skipton. We cast off at eleven hundred hours, and as none of us claim this town as our home, we need to be gettin' there by another form of transport. So it be the pirate express (also known as the Bradford-Skipton train) we be usin'. To arrive in plenty of time of drinking time we need to be takin' the 09:42 from Bradford Forster Square, which on route picks up at 09:49 in Shipley, 09:55 in Bingley, 10:22 in Keighley and arrives in Skipton for 10:17. For all ye sleepy heads there be on last opportunity to get to the boat in time, but it doesn't go from Bradford. It be the Leeds train, which calls at Shipley 10:002, Bingley 10:06, Keighley 10:12 and pulls into Skipton at 10:24. Any lolly gagger who be missin' any of these trains, will be walking the plank! Yarrrrrrgh!


lobbon said...

Unfortunatly, Ginger beard will be unable to attend as he is going to a lesbian wedding

Anonymous said...

Lobbon you wide necked lilly livered piece nob grease!
Who this ginger beard pirate imposter who be par takin in a mackeral lickin wedding.
No true pirate would risk going to a muff munchin weddin for fear of shaggin the whole party.
Off we is ed

Yours Pirately

Black Beard

ginger beard said...

What star sign are you then

european bri said...

I fear the ninja may turn out to be one of the lesbians!