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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pirates of the Leeds/Liverpool Canal, Curse of the Curly Pube

Yarrggggh me hearties!!! The first annual pirate shindig is now history, and although the turnout was lower than anticipated, it was indeed a success. As if proof that buccaneering helps alleviate global warming, it rained all day, so all objectives were realised. A big YARRRRGGGH to the good folk of Skipton who were also receptive to our swashbuckling sea shanties, and nautical nonsense. Ale and rum flowed freely all day, we even managed to stick together for most of the day, until we caught the last iron horse back from Skipton, when we a split up through drunkenness and necessity. Buffoonery was on an epic scale, points all round, but alas there isn't one single incident that comes to mind, although whoever laid the log that blocked the canal boats toilet will get special mention. I will post a fuller report when I am not as hungover, when more of my memory returns and when I round up the other pirates to get their tales of debauchery. I have uploaded pictures and video clips at

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