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Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Strange Feeling

Over the past couple of days, listening to reports on the radio, a strange feeling that I have never encountered before came over me. I began to feel pity for the once mighty Leeds United. After years of putting up with their unbearable arrogance, and inane chanting of Super Leeds, I amongst many took great joy at their recent demise from Champions League semi final to the lower reaches of the English leagueand brink of extinction, but even I am beginning to feel something akin to sympathy. I know all you Leeds fans will say my footie team, the Mighty Bantams of Bradford City, are in a league below, and haven't won anything of consequence since 1912, but they miss the point. Being a City fan was never about winning anything, just about small glories and bigger disappointments. Alternatively the Leeds fan lived in some fantasy land, where they believed they belonged amongst the likes of Man Utd and Real Madrid. In fact the more I think about how unbearable they were under O'Leary and Ridsdale, and the cheating teams put out by Revie, and the walking penis that is Ken Bates I am re-considering my position. Fuck 'em, let them go watch Guiseley Town.


crespo said...

Being a City fan is a excuse and a opertunity to visit shit holes such as Sunny Scunny, and get absolutely wasted on a all day sesh after watching your team get mauled!!

What more can you ask for!!

lobbon ( retired) said...

Dont feel sorry for leeds untill they get hammered by the Mighty donny Rovers.
zigga -zagger zigger- zagger DON - CAST - ER

Crespo said...

And the Terriers

Yes, I will be a fan for all of 2 games next season!!

european bri said...

poor old Leeds fans can't even visit Sunny Scunny, they are a division above!