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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Went to see the Simpsons Movie

Me and the kids took in the new Simpsons movie on Sunday afternoon. It gets off to a good start, the first half an hour containing some great gags, in particular Bart's skateboarding stunt, but I have seen better episodes on the TV series. The problem is after 45 minutes or so it begins to fade, and I have to admit my interest waned, as did the kids. The Lisa thread is as dull as dishwater, and apart from Flanders, all the other characters are underused. The fact that's all I can really say about it tells you all you need to know. My eight year old daughter thought it was better than Transformers.

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Jonathan Woss said...

You wanting my job EuwoBwi?
Pack it in with all these movie weviews!