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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great Bender Bars

If you are a muscly geezer with a moustache who has stumbled across this posting, hoping to find an alternative to the Blue Oyster Bar, be gone. This posting is a new series to my blog in praise of my favourite bars, clubs, drinking holes etc. to hold a BOOZE bender, ya cheeky monkey. Well I thought long and hard which tavern should be the first entry on this new thread, which is not in any particular order of preference, so I decided on the closest I have to a regular local. It is a place I have, with the odd exception, visited every Friday for the last six years, and has been responsible for many a Saturday spent ligged on the sofa. It is of course the Upper George at Wibsey. From the first early afternoon thrashes with Paddy, G Spot and JohnnyM, to new regular Shotgun it has become an institution. I have crawled out of the place on several occasions, lost my phone, had a snow ball fight once and it has been the site of at least five leaving shindigs. Notable incidents have included Paddy trying to kill his best mate, me beating the landlord at pool for a tenner (he was playing whith a broom), G Spots Xmas abduction, The Boy Dazzlers fall outside the pizza place across the road and Mr Singh challenging a Gypsy to a bare knuckle fight for a hundred quid. The beer isn't great, happy hour finishes to early and it is harder to get there in time for grub, but a true drinking bar it be. Standards have slipped recently, the beer doesn't seem quite right, and they started playing the music to loud, but nobody gives a monkey's about how drunk you get. A sneaky trick for the whiskey lovers, some of the younger staff seem to think Bushmills is some kind of wine, and pour out huge measures. Get it while you can. Is packed for Rugby League games featuring the Bulls, and has a minimal chav factor. On the down side, seats get taken early. This Friday we will be saluting Shotguns 35th year on the planet, so another bender episode awaits. We are there most Fridays, so if you're passing pop in for a pint.

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