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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McNemisis Strikes Again

I finally be shakin' that ricketts infested McCrespo when a blast from the past steams in to pillage me bulging booty. McMercenary reared his pin like head to correctly guess I be gorgin' me gut in the capiol of Scotland, McEdinburgh, and earn himself three shiny doubloons. I be a bit sickly this week, to much rum down the George, so this may be quite an easy McOddyssey, but hopefully ye'll be to busy to be guessin';

"WWWWhere be MMMMCEuro???"


mccrespo said...

Could you be in Barcelona by any chance??
My mate Terry Henry thinks so!

european bri said...

Shiver me timbers! If its not that infernal McMercenary it be the cursed McCrespo. I was indeed frenchin me fries in Barcelona.

A sodden wet lobbon said...

b'stard i knew that as I took the photo. Was it,If I remember McOlympic village, Barcelona.