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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why Sunday Nights Suck

I love Sundays. It is the only day of the week that I never have to work. There is almost always a football game on. If I choose to spend the whole day on the sofa with a hangover, I can. Afternoons in the pub are great. Sleep ins. These are just a few of the things that make this day the daddy of the week. But there is one two hour period of this day that sucks worse than seven thirty Monday morning. It features the suckiest of the sucky T.V. shows ever shown, and to top it all off the Elster loves it. Two words to strike fear and loathing into the Europeans heart; Grey's Anatomy. From eight o'clock this whiny, overbearing piece of shit is tuned into by the Elster religiously. If this was not bad enough, they show it in double episodes, so it goes on for two hours, which to me frankly seems like an eternity. Some waffly old trout gets hung up on all kinds of wishy washy garbage, aided and abetted by some bird who has a face like a slapped bottom, some supposedly half wit lovable buffoon, and a beef cake love interest for the aforementioned whiny trout. It is absolute and utter tosh. A sample story line. Some guy goes in for surgery and they find a bomb in his stomach. Seriously. One of the whiny ones colleagues decides she doesn't want to have her baby because of this, so refuses to give birth and holds it in. The half wit gets his end away. Police move guy with bomb in stomach because the operating theatre he is in has gas pipe that will destroy the universe if it goes off. Lots of people cry. One guy swallows hard and doesn't cry. Tinkling sad music sung by whiny sad singer plays. More people cry. One women swallows hard and doesn't cry. Crisis averted, woman has baby, everybody cries, while sad tinkly music sung by sad whiny singer plays. As bomb is moved it goes off. Credits roll. I contemplate slashing wrists while in warm bath. Granted Eastenders is without a doubt the worst abomination ever broadcast, but the Elster doesn't watch it, and I am out most times it is on. Back to Sucky Anatomy though. I cannot think of one redeeming feature of this series. The voice over at the end, when whiny does some kind of philosophical voice over about the nature of man, has got be be the most cringe worthy, stomach churning, lost the will to live, who actually writes this bullshit script moments on the boob tube. Believe me this is wank of the highest order. Avoid at all costs.

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