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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


McSorry about the brevity of this weeks McOdyssey, but I have been working long hours, I am tired and sick of coughing up McQuids to McMercenary. So here's a McToughie, and no McClues this week;
Now McPiss off!!!!


Anonymous said...

foster sq

The Mercenary said...

Could you possibley be in front of the McDonalds on Miserable Old Bugger Street, Grumpy Town in Badmoodshire?

Crespo said...

Hey, Mc Euro,
you look a little like Jose Reina on that photo (Liverpool Goalie) but 36 times more miserable!!
I reckon your either dying for a sh*t or your unable to copper up enough for a Big Mac!!??

Anyway, I think your in Keighley??