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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'll Tell You Who is "Full of It"

How irritating is the new infomercial for salt intake, featuring the "hilarious" Jenny Eclair. Am I alone with being fed up with condescending adverts, telling us how to run our lives? Which agency are they using anyway? One ad for carbon emissions on the radio, has some geezer interviewing an engine, yes an engine, making engine noises. He then interprets the growling noises as the motor saying co2 gases are "Manky" and "Minging". I am sorry, but nobody over the age eight, or with an IQ above 60, uses such ludicrous language. Back to Ms Eclair. What exactly makes the makers of this tosh think anybody is going to pay any attention, to some foul mouthed supposed comedienne? I can just see all the twenty stone baby machines down Holmewood watching these ads and thinking "The blonde trout with specs just may have a point." Then there's the adverts trying to warn of the dangers of STD's, featuring a load of good looking folk getting it on, down various alleys and snickets. Try showing a picture of rotted penis, or the effects of rampant Herpes instead a bunch of lithe youngsters making the beast with two backs. But the finest example of this genre has to be the pissed up geezer trying to rescue a balloon. Some slappers out a hen night are goofing off, when one of them looses her balloon. Some tanked up fella then imagines he is a super hero and clambers up some scaffolding, to try and retrieve said balloon, and falls to his death. Ludicrous. To be drunk enough to contemplate rescuing, of all things a balloon, from such a height, you would not be capable of walking, never mind possessing the co-ordination to scale a building of several stories. Lay off the binge drinkers for Pete's sake. If you really want to make people think twice about the amount of alcohol they drink, show a montage of piss heads trying to dance, or being relieved of their valuables by sober mini cab drivers. These public service ads demonstrate just how far from the real world our decision makers in government now operate. .

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