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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Toe is not Just for Wednesdays......It's for Life

U-Toe-Pia is well under way now, and the message that a toe is not just for Wednesdays....Its for life, is beginning to resonate through out the land. Messages of support have been flooding in from all walks of life. Toe-ny Blair has threatened to launch a MoFo tax, to combat the problem, but the Toery Party are claiming this is yet an other stealth tax. Antoeny Hopkins has made clear his intention of portraying the psychotic toe maimer Dead Eye in the soon to be released motion picture the Phantoem Menace. Surprisingly though there has been dissent from some unexpected sources. Former Elite member Semi-On (formerly known as Lobon, before he went limp), has claimed that this is nothing more than a personal whinge, which coming from someone has risked his own appendages on numerous occasions, came as somewhat of a surprise. Anyway, in a direct rip off one of the tabloid newspapers, I have decided, in what appears to be a forlorn effort, to trust in the healing powers of subscribers of this blog who are opposed to the nefarious JMF. Place your hands on my injury and chant "Big Toe Go, JMF No!" and together, with some divine intervention, my toe will heal quicker, so once again I will be to take up the righteous cause.

Big Toe Go, JMF No

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