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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This weeks McOdyssey offers no prize. Instead I am donating the one pound jackpot prize to the U-Toe-Pia fund for the poor damaged toes of the world. The reason this weeks prize fund is back at one pound, is that last weeks triple rollover was correctly guessed by McCrespo. He spotted that I was in McBrighouse, West Yorks, England. Well as this weeks McOdyssey is for charity, it is extremely easy, but there is a bonus point for naming the street, and the famous landmark this McMystery is across the road from. Good McLuck.

"Whhhhhhheeeerrrrre''''sssss MMMMMMMMMcccccccEEEEEEEurooooooooo???"


king dave said...


european bri said...

yes, this is a picture of me touting for business on sunset strip.