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Thursday, April 12, 2007

FA Cup Final Day

A quick reminder to all squad members regarding the upcoming annual beer fest on FA cup final day. This year it takes place on the 19th of May. We are again hoping to take in the match at the Queens near the Interchange in Bradford, although as always, I am open to alternative suggestions. My participation will be curtailed in the evening though, as I have family commitments the next day. There is also a slim possibility a swift bender maybe in the offing to watch the bantams play at Chesterfield, but we will see what kind of position they are in the league before committing. If it is a do or die match and a few are up for it, we will be resurrecting the Save Our Shouty campaign, as he remains well and truly ensconced in the doghouse, after his Scunny exploits. The chopper remains on standby.


Sammy J said...

Dear Brian,
How are you?
I would just like to raise the point of your family commitments preventing you from joining the lads on the FA cup bender night and I think it's really noble of you to put your family first, although I bet the lads will be really dissapointed.... Are you sayign this to make my husband look like a complete PIG? He has family commitments every weekend but it doesn't stop him....... Perhaps you could have a word in his ear for me Bri, he seems to listen to you! As far as saving shouty goes, I don't really think there will be much of him left to save when i've finished with him.
Mrs Shouty
P.S If anyone can accomodate shouty that weekend I would be really grateful.

european bri said...

Dear SammyJ
It is good to hear from you once again. Please note I will be going out on FA cup final day, but will be cutting my bendering short. Pleases understand that the shoutster is but a mere slip of a man, and will eventually see the light, and refrain from getting so blasted he loses his keys. Remember he hails from the backwaters of Shipley, and has managed to give up wearing dealers. If he decides to grow a moustache even I will turn my back on him. Excuse my waffling, and puncuation, I have just reutrned from the George.