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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

McSilence from the McMercenary

McGreetings people, its McSpotting time. The sun is out, I am out for a few beers tonight and its my McFavourite time of the week. Last weeks offering went unanswered, in fact there was only one McGuess. Was it too McDifficult? The MaccyD's I was outside of was..........McCastleford, near the Freeport shopping outlet just off the M62. So by my calculations, that means the prize fund now stands at a massive three pounds. This week my dilemma is whether to relent and give all you McSpotters a chance, or be the grumpy old troll who has given you consecutive McStumpers. I will let you be the judge, as its time to guess;

"Whhhhhhhheeerrrrree'ssssssss MMMMMMMcccEEEEEEEuroooooo????"


Crespo said...

"Your not singing any more!!!"

Thats a quick chant for the McMercenary..

Is he still alive?

Your in Brighouse I think??

I think Im on a winner!!

Anonymous said...

defo brighouse

The Mercenary said...

I'm more concerned with McEuro's new hat! Personally I think he's taking his McObsession far too seriously!

european bri said...

Congratulations to McCrespo for correctly guessing that I was in McBrighouse. Three quid is on its way.