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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Buffoon Season Starts Early

With this April being the warmest on record, silly season has started early this year. After Funky's taxi shenanigans last weekend, Crespo and Tony helmet have got in on the act. Tony has bet Crespo £50 he will not shave prior to the 29th of May. The picture to the right shows the handsome one's chin as it now appears, and I will be posting updates. John the Don is also undertaking a Mediterranean cruise in a few weeks time, which you just know is going to be laden with buffoonery on an epic scale, but alas he is going alone, so most will go unreported. With this flurry of activity, I have decided to list a current top five, in ranking order, for the race to the 2007 Le Maliott Jaune;

  1. Funky-the Taxi incident has made him a strong early contender for this years award.

  2. G Spot-the Skipton trip may have been in 2006, but the award for that year had already been given out, so it was decide to carry over to this year. Another incident involving a Taxi. Cabs appear to be a breeding ground for grade A idiocy.

  3. Shouty-the Scunthorpe trip was passing off without incident until we reached Bradford. The recent rule change has catapulted this dark horse back into the frame. Lost his house keys and various other paraphernalia whilst out with Meatball and Crespo. Scores extra bonus points for ending up in Lyngards.

  4. John the Don- nothing to report for this year, yet. Instinct tells me he is holding something back. Munich will make or break his attempts to repeat as 2007 champion.

  5. King Dave-may be a little unfair on this one, but the tale of him landing on his head, when ejected from the Ferrands by four bouncers, is the only other tale of mishap that comes to mind at this moment in time.
This is an early indication of how things are shaping up in the race for the yellow jersey 2007. Major plays are expected to made in the upcoming months from such Bender Squad stalwarts as European Bri, Tony Helmet, The King of the Pixies, Dangerous Pete, Semi-On, Maffy and JohnnyMedia to name but a few. Of course, buffoon legend Jamon, although a huge outsider, owing to his incarceration at a maximum holding cell at Riddlesden Bay, is always worth a wager, as it only takes one trip to set the standard


king dave said...

unfair is a bit of an under statement there was no buffoonery involved in this one just a set polesmoking meatballheads that have nothing better to do on a saturday night than stand outside a shit pub looking down on people then team handedly setting about folk for no reason.DICKHEADS!.

european bri said...

I agree, and will personally never darken the Ferrands again. your inclusin on this list is only due to the fact this was the only incident of note, in what has been a barren year for stupidity. Rest assured my flipper footed friend that you are leagues behind the keyboard playing idiot.