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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Supermarket Invasion Bradford

Is it me or is Bradford becoming the supermarket epicentre of the universe? Wherever I go, there seems to to be new stores sprouting up like mushrooms. When I was a kid, there used to be Morrisons, and there was only a couple of those. The Co-op tended to be some run down old building that had loads of stamps all over the place. When Asda opened a place in Shipley it was quite a big deal, but now they almost go unnoticed. Tescos was the first to begin devouring parts of Bradford, Valley Parade is in severe danger of being engulfed and ending up somewhere in the international foods aisle. This seemed to shake the others out of their torpor, as first Morrisons and then Asda threw down the gauntlet. This goaded Tescos into an unprecedented burst of activity, as they unleashed the secret weapon of Tesco Express. Even Sainsburys tried to get in on the act, but left it a little bit late. Next to chance its hand was the Co-op, who abandoned the many drab buildings they occupied, even opening stores within yards of each other to halt the Express march. But lately, it is a new kid on the block who is muscling its way into an already saturated market. Lidl are springing up everywhere, and even stores that have tried and failed before are chancing a second attempt, Netto has recently opened a new place in Wyke. At this rate we will all have our own personal supermarkets. The question is can the tide be turned back? This cross party report gives some kind of indication of what the future High Streets of Britain will become,,1710051,00.html

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