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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Elite Drubbed by Eleven

Even the divine in-toe-vention of the noodly one could not prevent the JMF routing a sub standard Elite by a massive eleven goals last night. Euros boys misfired all night, Shouty played some beautiful passes that resulted in a hatful of goals. Unfortunately they were all to Dead Eye who plays for the MoFo. Blame cannot be laid solely at his door though, the strain of gainful employment was to much for JohnnyMedia, who put in a King Dave-esque performance between the sticks. Shotgun and Young Gaz bickered with each other, and I fell out with Mr. Media. In the midst of all this the MoFo made hay, and although this sticks in the throat, played us of the court. Back to square one, in the on going battle to subdue the gaylord JMF.

2007 Season
  • JMF wins -11
  • Euro Elite - 5
  • Draws - 1

1 comment:

shotgun said...

Well played JMF, we were Sh**,
And then some!