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Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's Gr-Eight to be Straight

The gaylord, turd burgling, cock sucking, shirt lifters of the JMF took it up their well used starfish last night, as the Elite came from six goals down to win by eight. Those awful, awful men of the Elite were yet again slow of the mark, the JMF cruising into a seemingly unassailable lead, before Young Gaz took it upon himself to drag the Euro boys back into the game. Goals rained in from all angles, Euro even slipping the pig to Dead Eye for a second consecutive, week on his way to scoring a superlative goal. JohnnyMedia broke out of his recent stupor to provide a solid foundation, along with The Mercenary, as the goal threat of Dead Eye and Two Scoops was suffocated. Shouty was Shouty. Leftys recent heroics between the sticks were a distant memory, as he proceeded to make even King Dave and Jamon look competent. Jamon blamed his woefulness on a cold, caught no doubt blowing rent boys down damp alleyways.

2007 Season
  • JMF wins - 9
  • Euro Elite - 5
  • Draws - 1

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