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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


McWelcome, no one McGuessed last weeks McOdyssey, I was in fact at McBirstall, off the McM62, near the Showcase cinemas. Take that McMercenary. The reason last weeks McOdyssey was so difficult, was due to the fact of my McGrumpiness. Well for all of you concerned about my well being, I am glad to report I feel McGreat. This by no means guarantees an easy McSpot this week, as I am McSkint. So for two pounds sterling can anyone guess,

"WWWWWWhere'ssssssss MMMMMMcEEEEEEuuroooo???"

Apologies for the gurning, but I took this shot with the timer.


Crespo said...

Whats happened to McMercenary???

Ingleby Road, Bradford??

Show me the Money!!

european bri said...

I'll show you my arse!

It isn't McIngelby Road, Bradford.

Try again.