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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Thinks this Shit Up?

I haven't had a pop at the powers that be for a while now, I didn't want seem like a whiny MoFo, but the latest plan to scare folk into giving up smoking had to be commented on. I am a reformed smoker, but believe if you want to smoke, what the fuck it's a free country(!). Now that they are making all the poor smokers stand outside to smoke, they are going to decorate packets with images of diseased lungs and the like. Woopty fucking do! We have grown up with computer generated graphics in movies that are twice as gross, and have also muffed a bird or two, so after facing down the old tuna taco, pictures of a cancerous lung are hardly llikely to give us the heeby geebies. The police are also getting their knickers in twist over some biker going 170 m.p.h. down a Yorkshire road, and then posting it on some website. So what, the dickhead crashes and leaves his brains all over the road, big deal. His choice. Apparently the federales also think increasing the alcohol legal age to 21 will stop under age drinking. NEWS FLASH! Enforcing the current laws will work equally as well you lobotomised window lickers. I tell ya, if I wasn't such a lazy arsehole I would form my own political party and sort all this shit right out. But I am a lazy arse, so it ain't going to happen. But I do have an interesting idea. Apparently only around 40% of the population vote in a general election. So if the 60% who don't usually turn up to mark a ballot did, and voted for the Monster Raving Loony Party, what would all the knobheads in the Labour and Tory party do?

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