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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bantams Draw Opener

The weather was grand, although we were all carrying slight hangovers, we met up with old bender squadees Aki, Volcano Paul and Bakes to take in the season opener. A healthy crowd was on hand, and we were all up for it when City let a regulation soft goal inside 10 minutes. They manged to shake off this early gaffe and were looking lively and pacy, a statement that could not be levelled at last seasons ponderous attacking play. Daly and Williams caught the eye, and big Baz Conlon holds the ball well, and has the proverbial good feet for a big man, but on this evidence couldn't shoot his way out of a wet paper bag. It was the youngster Rhodes who impressed the most during the first half, looking dangerous down the flanks and changing sides well with Daly. Typically for myself, I was stood drinking a £2.70 bottle of warm Carlsberg on the concourse when the penalty was awarded just before half time. I haven't seen City score in my last 8 visits to see them play, and had to watch hot-shot Conlon grub a weak penalty that thankfully the African geezer was on hand to slot home on the rebound on CCTV. This fella is in serious need of a nickname, but he was another who made a useful debut. The second half was entertaining enough, Conlon scuffed a couple more half chances, but then with a Brazilian like piece of skill, put Daly through one on one with the keeper, but he could only hit the post. Rhodes ran himself into the ground and was replaced by Colbeck, who really needs to stop trying so hard. Everybody likes a bit a commitment, but we'd prefer a decent cross now and again. The biggest surprise of the day for me however was seeing two attractive young ladies in Valley Parade, one of whom Aki reckoned is in Hollyoaks (he claims his bird makes him watch it). Must have heard I was showing up. Pre match, myself, Crespo and the Boy headed into town (the Shoutster was under orders), to enjoy a European like early evening down Centenary Square, where we were later joined by Aki and the Volcano, and various members of their travelling entourage. After quaffing perhaps one to many Heineken's, we left Aki and the lads to take off with Crespo's evil M.R.S. Helen to an eighteenth. The evening ended up with me doing my oldest swinger in town act down at the Mill night club on Preston Street. Thankfully after a devastating display of old man dancing to Stevie Wonders "Superstition" I was knackered and ready for a taxi, landing home around 2AM. The boy was last seen throwing down his meanest moves to some old school northern soul. Which is why this posting is a little bit late, as I didn't surface till the PM yesterday, and spent the rest of the day getting intimate with my sofa, only getting up to go buy the last Sunday newspaper left in the local shop, The Observer, which had a story about the Mighty Bantams game featuring this photo, showing the three amigos greeting the team as they emerged prior to kick off. Can you spot the Wilsdener? If you want read the article that went with it click here. The photo is a scan from the newspaper, as there was no picture available online, so apologies for the quality. Roll on Wrexham in two weeks time.

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king dave said...

fuckinhell bri even im too old to go to the mill.