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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

JMF Limp Wrists Surrender Lead

It has been a long hard slog. At times we have peered into the abyss and questioned whether our valiant efforts to vanquish evil would be dashed on the wrinkly nads of the cock sucker JMF. But last night a ray of bright shiny light pierced the dark clouds that have hung over the righteous Elite, as we fought back from a four goal deficit to to prevail by two, and in the process wrestling the lead back from the shirtlifter MoFo. It was an eventful game, and apart from the cheating skulduggery perpetuated by the nefarious Jamon, probably the fairest clash of the season. The game was a high scorer, goal keeping skill being in short supply from both sides, as Slippery T Bacon made an unexpected return to haunt Jamon, the Funky P, Dead Eye, JohnnyM and Luklear war all in turn. Although King Dave, Young Gaz and the Mercenary didn't let the ball pass between their legs, thier display between the posts was none the more edifying. This does not mean that there was not some good goals, King Dave surprised everybody, none more so than himself, when he swivelled through 360 degrees, flicked the ball up up with his left foot and volleyed with his right in mid turn. Surprisingly instead of landing flat on his face with the ball lodged in the roof, it hit the back of the net to give the MoFo an early advantage. At the halfway point this lead was stretched to four goals, and it seemed the JMF were in command, but the Euro boys stuck to the task, and with five minutes left on the clock drew level. A quick break lead to Young Gaz scoring the go ahead a goal, but there still was time for the game to swing in either direction. A moment of inspiration was required to settle the match, and it was Young G who rose to the occasion, stealing the ball on the edge of his own area then skinning both Jamon and Luklear to open enough space for him to curl an exquisite shot past a flat footed Funky. A goal worthy of winning any contest. That means nine out of the last ten games have gone the way of the righteous, and complacency seems to be our biggest worry. That said it is a funny old game, and there is plenty of time for the pendulum to swing again. I swear I saw Funky and Jamon shedding tears at the end. YOOUUUU SHUUUTTT UPPPPP!!!!


JMF- Dead Eye, Funky Pedestrian, Jamon, Luklear and King Dave

EURO E- JohnnyMedia, Shouty, Euro Bri, Mercenary and Youg Gaz

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -15

  • Euro Elite - 16

  • Draws - 2


king dave said...

without the young goal machine you would be doomed my friend!

king dave said...

sorry and the slippery T!