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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Close McShave

Yarrggh, me squid sniffin' ne'er do wells, last week be a close shave for me McBooty, as one of ye gherkin dodgers guessed correctly that I be frying me frenchies at McSkipton, gateway to the Yorkshire dales and cursed by the Curly Pube. But there be only two rule to be followin' when playing McOdyssey, and one of 'em be that no prize can be awarded to to an anonymous entry, so me treasure be safe for another weekend. That be meanin' there be seven doubloons up for grabs, for this weeks devilish poser;

"Whhhhhere be MMMMceuro??"

P.S. I be sorry for the McEuro provided this week, but I be running low on photos.


Aki said...

Oh bollox! T'was I who guessed correct!
It a local haunt of mine working in the green surroundings of crosshills!

tonymchelmet said...

would be McMadrid. ha haaaaaaaargh!

european bri said...

Yaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!Me precious booty!!! McHelmet be guessin' right that I be per favouring me passion in McMadrid, the darn scoundrel.

king dave said...

unlucky mr mchelmet yar be gettin 1 mc doublon coz me be seizen yer mc be skipton lastweek bri ye landlubber???