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Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Liquid Weekend

Apologies for the lack of activity this weekend, but it was another hectic one. Managed to take it pretty steady on Friday down the George, limited ones self to a swift five I did. Was nicely refreshed for Saturday, when I took up an invite to go to the dogs. Racing that is. It was a pretty cool evening, wangled an invite to the executive boxes, with free grub and three pints on the house down at Hillsborough in Sheffield. Won Jack shit, but would do it again. Massive traffic jam on way home took the shine off, but manged to grab a quick kip before heading to a Christening near Brighouse. Managed to stay awake through the church bit, just, then alighted to the Dusty Miller over the road. The rest you can pretty much guess, but I did make a pleasant discovery. Because the Elster was also in the same building as me, I had to lay off the heavy stuff, so I decided to try Peeterman Artios, also known as wife beater light. I feared some wishy washy weak ass shit, but after plowing through a gallon of the stuff I admit to being nicely greased. Of course this meant I was asleep on the sofa for eight o'clock, but hey I am approaching middle age. My training for Munich is progressing beautifully now, this weekend coming see's the Mighty Bantams at home, and believe it or not, somebody has asked me to be a Godfather! Beers ahoy!


Crespo said...

You ever had a dry weekend Bri??

U big p*ss head!!

P.s Bring on Munich!!

king dave said...

ye that peetermans artois ain't too bad it kicks ass on carling but hey what doesn't?.Seems like the 5%& plus brigade are all jumping on the pusshhybeer bandwagon with becks bringing out a new one called vier which i think you might find is pretty damn good too!AUF DAS MUNCHEN HOLEN!KEINE PUSSHHYBEERS ERLAUBT!!!