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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pirate Trip 2008....Plus any Ideas for a September Bender?

I have been taking account of everybodys opinion for our now annual pirate shindig. There have been a couple of folk pushing for York, but the majority seem to favour Whitby. I have found a company that do cruises out of the harbour that can be checked out here. This is still aways off mind, and attention needs to be shifted towards Munich. I reckon we could do with a warm up session before we fly out to Bavaria, and think a piss up in early September is the way to go, but haven't thought up anything since the cricket got to expensive, so feel free to make suggestions.


The ModMercenary said...

Music in Myrtle?
The other two members of The Jam are playing on Saturday night with the Bluetones supporting and then the Charlatans are playing Sunday.
(1st & 2nd Sept). I'm dusting of the fishtail in anticipation!

european bri said...

Could be a goer.. Fancy the Charlatans on Sunday.