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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

They Are Behind You!

Happy days indeed, as the righteous Elite rose above the nefarious knob polishers of the JMF to prevail by two goals, and pull within one victory. A tenacious display of defending held the MoFo in check, until with tiring legs, the Euro boys hit back on the break to secure the win. Yet again the JMF were quicker out of the traps, as a lethargic early showing from JohnnyM and Shouty allowed the shirt lifters to get the better of the early skirmishes. But they could not open a wide enough gap, and by the halfway mark all remained even. At about the three quarter mark though, defensive lapse in the MoFo rearguard allowed the Elite to gain the whip hand, and although they were briefly to regain parity, a late goal burst from Euro B, Young Gaz, Two Scoops and JohnnyM made sure of victory. Dead Eye and Jamon are not available next week and will be replaced by Lefty and the Mercenary, when the Euro boys will be aiming to draw level with the sausage jockeys for the first time since January. Oh yes, they did cry like the whipped bitches they are.


JMF- Jamon, Funky Pedestrian, Dead Eye, Luklear and King Dave

EURO E- JohnnyMedia, Shouty, Euro Bri, Two Scoops and Youg Gaz

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -15

  • Euro Elite - 14

  • Draws - 2

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