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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Helmets 40th Update

A confirmation of dates. Tony H's birthday is on the first of February, which also happens to be a Friday. it is also Crespos birthday that week, so double celebrations all round. Card schools on the train up, and whiskey and heavy on arrival. There is an Ibis downtown that is cheap, and also a Premier Travel lodge in the Grassmarket area, where there is plenty of bars. Both are of the economy variety. Anybody up for it let me know, it is a definite goer, we have enough numbers to make it fly. On a secondary note, in a drunken stupor, i told evil Mean Repressive Spouse member Helen that I would organise a couples peace summit next year. My original suggestion was the Scottish capitol, so when she overheard our plans for Helmets shindig she was less than impressed. So in the interests of not getting kicked in goolies, I an going to organise a Irish trip later in 2008. The Elster is up for it, and again, anybody else who is interested let me know. The plan is either Dublin or Cork.

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Back in blighty Lobbon said...

oyu can count me in although I dont know if my MRS will get a visa in time . Yes you heard me right , she reqires a visa to go to Ireland !