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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

King Dave Rallies JMF to Earn Draw

What a strange game game football can be. The Elite dominated for the first three quarters of the game, seemingly coasting to victory, when all of a sudden a King Dave inspired JMF suddenly sprang to life and not only drew level, but came within a whisker of ending their winless sequence. The opening fifteen minutes was all Young Gaz, scoring seemingly at will, as he threatened to defeat the MoFo single handily. Yes they came back a couple of times to be within a goal, but all night we seemed to have the wherewithal to conjure up goals whenever needed. The profligate shooting of the JMF, in particular Two Scoops and hatchet man Jamon, combined with the usual slipshod defending and inept keeping (the Mercenary was yet again beaten by YounGaz's spinning screw back shot), was in stark contrast the excellent movement shown by G and Alfie, the tenacity of the Shoutster, and the covering in defence of JonnyM and Euro. But the game turned on a own goal conceded by Mr Media when a rebound bounced off the wall and went in off his arse. This gave the cock suckers hope, which to be fair they tunerd into goals, scoring three in quick succession to earn the draw. On the down side for the Elite, Young Gaz may be missing with an injury, sustained when the hooligan that is Jamon took him out from behind. This will only strengthen our resolve to vanquish the boy lovers of the JMF.


JMF- Two Scoops, Funky Pedestrian, Jamon, Mercenary and King Dave

EURO E- JohnnyMedia, Shouty, Euro Bri, Shotgun and Young Gaz

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -15

  • Euro Elite - 16

  • Draws - 3


The Mercenary said...

It really warms the heart and restores your faith in humanity reading such an accurate and unbiased match report - I don't think!
True the JMF shooting was woeful, the goalkeeping on display was far from great and King Dave played out of his skin.
The Elite dominating for 3/4s of the game though? You're having a laugh!
The JMF could have won the game at a canter with all their missed chances especially the Jamon sitter right at the death!
Still there's always next week I guess...and before you say it - YOU SHUT UP!!!

european bri said...

Who rattled your cage?!? Well if you are such stalwart JMF Wrinkly sack licker, you won't be interested in filling in for Shotgun next week?

The Mercenary said...

Of course I'll play for Shouty next week they don't call me the Mercenary for nothing! And afterwards they'll get any grief going!!!