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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Four Coins to be Had

Yarrrgggh! Yet again I be proven to elusive for ye set of jelly stung, plankton brained buffoons. Last week I was satisfying me grease lust in the far north of Albion, McBerwick upon Tweed. That be meanin' if any body can be figurin' out where I have weighed me McAnchor will be findin' himself four doubloons the wealthier.

"Whhhere be MMMcEEEuuro??"


Aki said...


Any plans for pre and post-match pints on saturday!?

A local venue maybe a problem, as not all of us are allowed in the new inn or the villager!? Which reminds me of your blog on the later, quality!!!

So if you guys are up for a few i'd suggest the Prune, or into town?

Will you email me your mobile number, the one i've got is pretty old i think.



Hongkong lobbon said...

Is it Mc shipley? opposite the road to the train station by any chance ?

"Hongkong Lobbon, never wasa super guy ! Hongkong Lobbon quicker tahn the human eye"