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Friday, August 31, 2007

Who Really Cares?

Just got in from work, and before I get ready to go down the George for a few sherberts, I had to stick my oar in over this Princess Di nonsense. All day on the radio, I have had to listen about poor old Diana. Poor my arse! Not bad for stupid blonde bint say I. Mediocre looks and thick as pig shit, married some in bred German geezer, lives the life of Reilly, at our expense, divorces aforementioned weirdo, gets load of Wonga, sleeps around the Mediterranean with medallion sporting playboys, waffles on about land mines, dies in car crash. Not bad for someone who would struggle to get hired by MaccyD's. Peoples Princess my pucker hole!!! I'm off to the pub.

1 comment:

Crespo said...

Haha Like it...totally agree!