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Thursday, August 16, 2007

All Square in August

The heroic fight back against the forces of queer continues unabated, as the righteous Euro Elite achieved parity last night down the Wood. After enduring months of catty insults, we have pegged back the gaylord MoFo, securing a late three goal victory. The start was tight, until in the space of seconds a couple of bonehead plays by Euro Bri gifted the Funky Pedestrian two of the softest goals you are ever likely to witness. This gave the nefarious JMF a glimmer of hope, and they dug deep to carve a two goal advantage that they held doggedly onto. This seemed to upset the rhythm of the Euro boys, but defending for such long periods of time, whithout lengthening their advantage, was always going to tell, when King Dave gave away a needless penalty. This resulted a goal burst from first Two Scoops, and then Young Gaz that finally broke the admittedly brave MoFo resistance. Lacking the goal threat of Dead Eye, and the wind uppery of Jamon, it was a valiant effort, but fuck 'em, it's now game on. After winning four on the bounce, momentum has definitely changed, next week could see the Elite back in the driving seat for the first time since late December 2006's late capitulation.


JMF- Lefty, Funky Pedestrian, Mercenary, Luklear and King Dave

EURO E- JohnnyMedia, Shouty, Euro Bri, Two Scoops and Youg Gaz

2007 Season

  • JMF wins -15

  • Euro Elite - 15

  • Draws - 2

1 comment:

ying tong yiddle eye po said...

Nice one Bri and the boys.
I can see the Funky pedestrian and jamon mo fos eyes welling up from Hongkong Island