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Monday, August 06, 2007

Beer and Meatballs

Summer finally showed up this weekend, and I celebrated with a meatballs and beer frenzy. Before calling in it at the George, I decided to get some grub to soak up the beer I was planning to sup. I fancied meatballs, so off to the Cafe Candia on Legrams Lane I went, their meatballs getting a 7/10, served up with Italian style fried potatoes. Then on to the George, where me, G Spot, JohnnyM and assorted locals, talked shite till midnight. Saturday night was couples night, me and the Elster went to the Dolce Vita at Hipperholme, where I had spaghetti meatballs, rating 4/10, strange consistency and not big enough. From there it was time for beers in Hove Edge near Brighouse, on best behaviour cause out with the missus. Sunday brunch was a meatball pannini(!) from Costa coffee, rating 5/10, nice and spicy, good bread but £3.95!! It was then off to the Fleece in Cullingworth with Big Frank, for a Sunday afternoon session, then back to his for more beer and chilli. I was asleep on my sofa for 9:30 PM. I am getting nicely into shape for Munchen, but fear at my current rate, I will need extra large leiderhosen for the trip.

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