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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Shock Transfers

Torres to Chelsea for £50,000,000, closely followed by Liverpool blowing all of that money and then some on Suarez and Andy Carroll. Big news on all the back pages and Sky Sports News, but the biggest shock of the January transfer window slipped by almost totally unnoticed. It would have save Kenny and Roman ALL their brass, as he is currently available for a crate of Guinness and a pork pie. Big Barry Conlon, amazingly, continues to draw work seekers allowance. Never mind that none of the 91 League teams overlooked him. Or that even the semi-pros of the Blue Square turned a blind eye. But when the amateurs of the Scottish Premier League don't show any interest, you begin to suspect that it may just be me that thinks of the Irish Cart Horse as a footballing leg end. As you can see he has fallen on hard times, and and is looking for suggestions as to what career path he should now be looking to take. It is however nice to see he still draws fans, as a burqa clad Bantams fan makes for an autograph.

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Elisabeth Hirsch said...

This is awesome ;)