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Friday, February 04, 2011

Killer Keisters

This week is a rather hurried affair, as I am readying to take of on a bender around old London town. Of course this does not mean I have a trio of saggy arses for your delectation, but the usual array of fine, tight backsides that we have grown to love and look forward too. A well known rebuff through out the western world when some one is pulling your chain is to tell them to "Kiss my Ass!" We have all uttered this sentence on numerous occasions, but never to to an arse that truly deserves it, which is why I have posted this tidy little bottom that appears to have its right cheek snogged. And why wouldn't you? Tight, fine and pert, it would be rude not too... This weeks second offering almost qualified as a G.A.S. but I felt the pose was not quite in that category. Mind you, it is a bit on the plumper side. Large and firm, just the way I like 'em. Finished off with a near gym slip and a pair of boots. That's right, I have got a semi on.

So on to this weeks proper Gratuitous Ass shot. Sticking with the bigger arse, this is a fine example of red knickered glory. By crikey it's a good 'un.

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