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Friday, February 25, 2011

MoFo Fall Flat

An odd game down the Wood on Wednesday. For a start, the JMF were fielding two rookie replacements, so it was expected that a full strength Euro Elite would be the slight favourites. That is if Shouty the Clown hadn't fallen asleep, and cried off four minutes after we were supposed to kick off. Clogs fetched a sports centre worker to act as his replacement, so our supposed advantage was lost. Not that you wouild have told. From the off it was clear Clogs had unearthed a bit of a gem, as SportsCentre Boy was everywhere. Combine this with a MoFo who were trying to gel, and we were half a dozen up in no time. But however good SportsCentre Boy was out on the court, he was a flaming liability between the sticks, and our lead was pegged back in double quick time. In fact they even managed to draw level. For a while the game could have gone either way, but in the end, we had too much, and were well worth our win. Still the game was far from a classic. Only The mercenary could really claim to have had a good game. Crespo, Jamon, Clogs and Shotgun had their moments, but the game was far from being considered a classic. A win is a win, and that's good enough for us.

JMF- Dr Shotgun, Luklear War, Mikey R, Jamie D and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Crespo, The Mercenary and SportsCentre Boy

2011 Season

JMF wins - 3

Euro Elite - 5

Draws - 0

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