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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Le Grande Buffoon 2011

After a quiet spell, news has reached me of a quite stupendous effort. It did happen a couple of months back, but the details have only recently been confirmed, and points allocated. It is such an excellent tale, that it has earned yet another member a name change. As you may recall, Gruber earned his new moniker after his Adolf Hitler effort (he still maintains the despots real last name was Shicklegruber, and is risking more points by his steadfast refusal to accept the truth). Yes MickeyD shall henceforth be known as Papillion, after his recent brush with the law. After a boozy session round Otley, his missus came to pick him up and take him home. On the way, a cop car came into view. For reasons best known to himself, he decided to give the passing jam sandwich the finger. At this point the rozzers turned round, gave pursuit, and pulled him over. Instead of contriteness, they were instead met with a barrage of insults, and the former policeman was invited to cool his heels in the local slammer. After spending the night sleeping in the drunk tank, he was roused, and told he could go, at which point he gave them yet another piece of his mind, and was incarcerated for yet another four hours. After tallying up, myself, Crespo and Fromaggio agreed that 15 points was suitable score. Of course this brings up yet again the mystery of the Big Cheeses own transgressions. He admits that it is a minimum 25 pointer, and Child catcher seems to think he may have earned a few for the same stunt, but up till press they remain tight lipped. Which is a bit of a surprise, as they can be a bit loose lipped after a few sherberts.....

2011 standings
  1. Dessi 20 points
  2. Euro Bri 16 points
  3. Papillion 15 points
  4. Trigger 7 points
  5. G Spot 7 points
  6. Crespo 7 points
  7. Gruber 4 points
  8. JohhnyM 3 points
  9. Shouty 3 points
  10. Geester 3 points
  11. John the Don 1 point
  12. Child Catcher 1 point
  13. Il Fromaggio Grande 1 point
  14. Tony Helmet 1 point
  15. King of the Pixies 1 point
  16. Daniel-san 1 point
  17. Big JB 1 point

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