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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Back Oop North

Crikey, that was intense! Our swift flyer down London town was brief and alcohol packed. From Crespo, Helmet and the Pixie fretting we were going to miss the train, it was all go. A quick beer stop in Leeds station, and Big JohnnyM blagged us in to first class. A huge Big Up to Mighty Mick, our favourite East Coast Line employee. First buffoon points were scored by Sandro, who forgot to lock the toilet door, and managed to flash his hairy old keister at the conductress. They even had a special offer on, two cans of Wife Beater for a fiver, which meant we rolled out at Kings Cross feeling no pain. The digs were just across road, and then it was off to Covent Garden. If memory serves, there was a brief return to our digs, before heading back to a pub called the Porterhouse, which had a vast array of beers. it was at this point we all lost each other, and me and Jonesy put the nose bag on and retired for the night at around one-ish. The next day started a bit ropey, for myself any way, as I hoicked up much of the previous nights deprivations. Myself, JB and Daniel-San scored a point each, for walking all round the houses to the breakfast room, when it was bang opposite our bedroom door. I only realised when Sandro magically appeared after I had taken the long route.

A few off us needed to clear our heads, none more than the good Dr Shotgun, who thought better of it, and buggered off back to Bradford. I rang Crespo, who mumbled some shit, and said he would catch us up, more of which later. The remainder of the squad re grouped, bought tube tickets, and took off for a spot of sight seeing. St Pauls, The Globe and the Millennium Bridge were along our chosen route, when I got a phone call from a flustered Crespo, whose recnt birthday we were down to celebrate. "My phone is about to run out of charge, I am Kings cross, where are you?!?!?" I told him we would be in a bar near the afore mentioned bridge, and would hang fire till he arrived. He showed up about an hour later, and then wondered why we issued him with three points. The Buffoon. So we set off on a stroll along the Thames, deciding catch a tube outside the Houses of Parliament, and grab a few pints of Guinness at a pub called the Toucan, which had been recommended by the Mercenary as a fine spot for sipping the black stuff. It took a bit off finding, my GPS took us on a proper long cut, but we finally found it, with Dan, Sandro and Johnny desperate for a slash. To find that it don't open on a Sunday. At all. Cheers Jules... Still, it proved to be a blessing in disguise, as Big JB spotted another pub THAT was open. And what a gem it turned out to be. Nellie Deans of Soho, just off the Square was an excellent little boozer, with quite possibly the friendliest most efficient bar man in London. They had decent grub, at a good price (Roast dinner for under £6) and for London, cheapish beer. Guinness came in at £3.70, which you can pay more than in Leeds. A chilled out afternoon was pent there, before we headed up to the Euston Flyer, for the Chelsea v Liverpool game, the result cheering up Dan and San no end. (San had a tenner on the scousers). The the trip home. Steady away, I did well with the cards, and few pints in Leeds, and yet another Bender had bitten the dust.

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2011 standings
  1. Dessi 20 points
  2. Euro Bri 16 points
  3. Trigger 7 points
  4. G Spot 7 points
  5. Crespo 7 points
  6. Gruber 4 points
  7. JohhnyM 3 points
  8. Shouty 3 points
  9. Geester 3 points
  10. John the Don 1 point
  11. Child Catcher 1 point
  12. Il Fromaggio Grande 1 point
  13. Tony Helmet 1 point
  14. King of the Pixies 1 point
  15. Daniel-san 1 point
  16. Big JB 1 point

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