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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Lame Start Dooms MoFo

What could have been? If only the limp wristed one's had played the first half hour as they played the last, this post may well have had a more sombre tone. But they were garbage for the first half of the game, and although credit is due for their near miraculous come back, a seven goal deficit was always going to be a reach. They held all the aces. The Wall. Check. Playing against a team fielding a reserve. Check. Matching tops. Checkaroo. Any semblance of team work? Eeeeinkkkk! (that word is supposed to signify a failed buzzer noise) As I have alluded, at the half hour mark it appeared an old school spanking was on the cards. But then came the mad ten minutes, when every single member of the Righteous Elite construed to gift a score to the JMF. This puzzled the boys in white, and lo and behold, the shirt lifters drew level. Thankfully this state of affairs shocked the Euro boys out of their stupor, and a trio of scores from Crespo and Clogs eased the nerves, and took the wind right of the JMF sails. At this juncture tempers were frayed, and I particularly enjoyed the frank exchange of words between Jamon and Shotgun. I laughed so much, that I was responsible for conceding a goal. So the Wall's spell has been broken, and as such, the first advantage of the year has been claimed by the Righteous. But can it last....

JMF- Dr Shotgun, Luklear War, Dead Eye, King Dave and Jamon

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Big Phil the Octopus, The Mercenary and Crespo

2011 Season

JMF wins - 2

Euro Elite - 3

Draws - 0

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