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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Au Revoir Lobon

An unexpected bender is occurring this summer. Brother Lobon, aka Mick Jannetta, is finally throwing in the towel, and setting sail for sunnier climes. Of course we couldn't just let one of the oldest, and best loved, members of the Bender Squad just fade away into the sunset, so a farewell shindig needs to be hastily arranged. Which isn't as straight forward as you'd think. Being Lobon, he has decided to go right at the beginning of September, which means any under taking too party must be done during the peak family season of July/August. This means not only time, but money will be at a premium for most, so it is highly unlikely that a European jaunt will be undertaken ( plus the fact we are aiming to take a trip to see the Major in late September) So a United Kingdom destination is preferable. The first one to come to mind is Edinburgh. Not over expensive, easy and relatively cheap to get to, but a place we visited only last year. Still a great place mind, and not yet ruled out. Another option, albeit slightly more difficult to get to, is Belfast. It has been a few years since we went, and if John the Don drags himself along, he has a few contacts over yonder, and has been known to blag us a few discounts here and there.

But there is one place that has cropped up, that provides a decent train journey, which we all like, is some where that few of us have been before, and is more than a little bit different. Inverness. EH! I hear you shout, but bear with me for a moment. First up. It will be cheap. Also, the King of the Pixies may well be working up that neck of the woods so we can hook up with him. And, ummmm, that's about it. Unless you count monster spotting. Now I appreciate that it doesn't set the pulse racing as a must see destination, and to be quite honest, it may prove to be a hell hole of English hating inbred Highlanders, but I kind of like the idea, at the moment. Notice I said idea, which means this is by no means a set in stone, give us your money shindig, but just a bit of out loud thinking. As ever, myself and Mick are open to all, and any, suggestions, but let's keep 'em affordable.

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