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Friday, February 11, 2011

Killer Keisters

Well it's Friday night, which means it's keister time. This week we are going for a full blown G.A.S. (Gratuitous Ass Shot) but on a more arty tip, as this week we return to the art of the black and white photograph. Now these are not as popular, hits wise, as the colour postings, but to m,e they always seem a touch more imaginative. My imagination is running riot at the thought of what is going on in the one pictured above. Always was a sucker for the female submissive. Then again there is a lot to be said for the obvious. Could the shot below be more blatant as to what this fine arse is presenting it's self for? Or are there several courses of action that one could take?

But perhaps the best of all, is that moment as an ass slowly hoves into view, as some fine filly slowly peels away her delicates.....

Oh what the Hell. I've always played to the gallery, and who am I to deprive regular readers there weekly colour. So enjoy a one time only, Brucie bonus.

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