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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shame on Them

Those nasty people at Tescos are at it again. One of it's branches in Wales has put up a notice banning folk from shopping in their pyjamas and/or bare feet. How dare they? It's bad enough that they make these poor people peel themselves off their sofa and miss Jeremy Kyle to top up on their rolling baccy and White Lightning cider, now they are going to require them to get dressed! Don't they realise these employment dodgers have rights. I think it's bad enough they have to leave the house for anything, and think Tesco's should immeadiatley set up a home delivery service for these social leeches, so none of us ever have to clap eyes on them, or hear them swear at the top of their voices for their kids to get "In the Fookin house now! Ya little bastards!" They cost the tax payers enough as it is, so whats a few more million down the drains on a "Can't be arsed" benefit? And what was the school in Middlesborough doing when it politely asked that parents refrain from swigging out of lager cans when they pick up their kids? They only had them for the extra dole!

Welcome to the 21st century. Read the full story here.

Stop the Nonsense!

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