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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Le Grande Buffoon 2010

A fallow start to the Buffoon season, as since October there hasn't been much to report. But with the weather causing havoc to the weekends football fixtures, there looked to a chance for that to be rectified, as we all pitched up in the pub at one o'clock, with nothing to do but drink. That was until about tea time, when a few concerned looks were noticed by half cut fella's snatching glances at their watches. It could only mean one thing. The Evil M.R.S. were on the prowl. Queso had dumped the kids on his unsuspecting spouse, and she was making it quite clear that she wasn't having him crawl through the door hammered. Ditto Maffy, whose terrier like partner is not known for her easy going demeanour, and tolerance. He looked like he might have been ready to do battle, but he didn't have enough brass to drink himself to suitable state to take her on. Sandro slipped out soon after, tail tucked between his legs, as baby sitting duty beckoned. My last hope, Crespo also had some child minding of his own to undertake, but was in drinking mode now, and stayed for several one for the roads, before discretion got the better of valour, and he rang a taxi. So that left me with Charlie Child Catcher, and I am afraid I am too long in the tooth to get plastered with an eighteen year old who sings Leeds United songs and winds everybody up when he is arsed. So I jumped in a cab with Crespo, got a Chinese, and was passed out on the sofa for nine thirty. I should be used to it now, as it was my day off. When i have to work, every one goes out all day and night, and then sleeps it off, while I have to toil away with a hangover.

But back to the Buffoonery. With so many of us out, you figured it was only a matter of time till the floodgates opened, and John the Don got us off to a good start, bless him. Somebody asked what channel the football was on "It's on that Spanish one" said the blond bombshell. "Spanish?" I enquired. "Yeah. It's on that ESPN" he said. "But thta's an American company" I told him. " I thought it was short for Espagna!" he replied. Two points to the Don. But he had a dinner date and had to leave, and although there was general tom foolery for the remainder of the afternoon, no points were scored.

Current 2010 Standings

  1. Euro Bri 6 points
  2. Crespo 5 points
  3. Charlie Child Catcher 4 points
  4. Gareeeeeee 4 points
  5. Mikey D 3 Points
  6. John the Don 2 points
  7. San 1 Point
  8. Grande Queso 1 point
  9. Shotuy 1 point

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